4 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Overhead Cranes In Good Condition

Posted on: 25 February 2015

If you use overhead cranes as a part of the daily workload in your industrial setting, then you probably know how expensive this equipment can be. This means that you probably want to take good care of your cranes so that they will last for a long time. Luckily, following these maintenance tips can help keep your overhead cranes in excellent condition.

1. Always Abide By The Weight Limits

Your overhead cranes are obviously used to lift heavy things, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep a close eye on the weight limits. Each crane has a weight limit posted on the arm, and if your crane has more than one hoist, then each hoist should have its own weight limit. Abiding by these limits won't just help you maintain your cranes; it's also important to follow this rule for safety-related reasons.

2. Be Careful About Clearance

When you think about clearance for your cranes, you probably think about overhead obstacles that can get in the way of your crane getting through. You should also think about any obstacles on the sides that can cause problems as well. Also, remember that just because your crane will fit does not mean that you should take it through a tight spot. Otherwise, you could scratch or otherwise damage it. If you're unsure of whether or not you have ample clearance for your crane, you should be able to find this information posted on the side of the crane or in the owner's manual.

3. Do Regular Inspections

For maximum safety and to catch any problems before they cause serious repair issues, you or your employees should carefully check over each crane before it is used each day. Check the hoists, switches, bridges, trolleys and more, and make sure that everything is in good condition.

4. Keep Up With Maintenance

Your overhead crane works hard for your business, so it needs proper maintenance. Keep the oil changed as directed in the owner's manual, and make sure that you keep the moving parts well-lubricated. By keeping up with this maintenance now, you can help prevent repair issues later.

Overhead cranes aren't cheap, so you probably want to keep yours running for as long as possible without the need for replacement. Luckily, you can follow these four tips to keep your cranes in good shape for a long time to come, so you and your company will be able to get a lot of work out of it. For more information, check out your crane manufacturer's website, such as http://wazeeco.com/.