Troubleshooting Common Problems With Your Diamond Saw Blades

Posted on: 13 March 2015

There is no doubt that diamond saw blades are often the best tool for the job, especially when cutting extremely hard surfaces such as stone or concrete. However, it is possible to run into problems even when using a high quality blade. Thankfully, many of these problems can be remedied quite easily once you know how to go about troubleshooting some of the most common problems with your diamond saw blades.

Blade Continuously Losses Tension

In order for a diamond saw blade to cut properly, the blade must be pulled tightly using just the right amount of tension. If you are experiencing a loss of tension, there are a few common culprits which may be to blame.

Begin by checking to ensure your saw is properly aligned. If the saw is misaligned, you will need to refer to the owners manual for instructions on how to realign it as this process can very drastically from one model to the next.

If your saw is properly aligned, the problem may be that you have simply chosen the wrong blade for the job. If you are using a blade that is too hard for the material you are trying to cut, your saw blade could be putting stress on the steel center of the saw. To ensure you have chosen the right blade for the job, either consult the manual that accompanied your saw or contact the manufacturer for a complete list of recommended blades for cutting specific materials.

Saw Segments Are Cracking

If you are experiencing problems with cracking segments, there are two main issues which are likely to blame. First, you may be trying to cut a material with a blade that is too soft for the job. In order to correct this problem, simply replace the blade with a blade that offers a harder bond.

Second, you may be attempting to rush the job. If your cutting speed is set too high, this can put your blade under additional stress and result in segment cracking. Simply reduce the speed and take your time in order to correct this issue.

Blade Is Wearing Out Too Fast

While even the highest quality diamond blades will need to be replaced from time to time, these blades should not be wearing out after every use. If your blades are wearing out too quickly, you could be experiencing a problem with your saw's cooling system. Be sure that the cooling reservoir is full of water and that the water pump is working correctly.

A high cutting speed, soft saw bond, and insufficient power can also be to blame for saw blades that become quickly worn. Be sure that you are using a grounded, high voltage outlet, a reasonable cutting speed, and the right blade for the job. Talk to places like Web Granite Supply for more information.