3 Rental Ideas for Your Child's Dream Birthday Party

Posted on: 9 July 2015

Does your child have a birthday coming up? Do you want to give him or her the best birthday ever? Having great cake and cool prizes will certainly help. However, if you want to give your child a party that all his or her friends will remember, you may need to think a little bigger. Fortunately, you can easily give your child a great party by renting some party equipment. The great thing about renting equipment is that you can host the party at your home, but when the party is over, the rental company can just haul the equipment away. Here are three great rental ideas for your child's party:

Farm animals. There are plenty of farms that rent out their animals for an hour or two for special occasions. Get a pony for the kids to ride or just get an assortment of animals and create a fun petting zoo. Depending on the animals involved, you may need to set up a fenced-in pen so the animals don't escape into neighbors' yards. Also, you'll want to be sure that plenty of staff will be coming to help protect the animals and keep the kids in order.

Video game truck. This is a relatively new concept, but it will be great if your child and his or her friends love video games. You can rent a game truck to come to your house. Inside, the trucks usually have big couches on one side and a wall lined with TVs on the other side. They have most major gaming systems already hooked up and a massive video game library.

Your child and his or her friends can sit in the comfortable truck and play each other in a wide variety of video games on a bunch of flat screen televisions. The best part is that the party isn't even in your home. It's on the truck, so when the party is over, the truck just pulls away and your house is clean.

Moonwalk. A moonwalk, or bounce house, is always a popular option, especially with younger kids. You can usually get them from most party rental companies and even some tool rental facilities. If you're looking to save money, you can try to set the house up yourself. However, if you don't have a generator or the stakes needed to hold the house in place, you may be better off hiring a setup and take-down crew from the rental company. Also, make sure you follow all weight and capacity guidelines so the kids don't do damage to the bounce house.

For more information, contact a party rental dealer in your area, such as Rentals And More Inc. They can help you find the perfect attraction to make your child's party a success.