Looking At The Reasons To Rent A Crane For A Construction Project

Posted on: 25 August 2015

When it comes to your need for a crane during a construction project, the choices can be tough about whether to purchase or rent one. If you are thinking about the best ways to save money during the completion of your project, consider bare rental cranes to save the most time and money. Check out these reasons why you can benefit more from renting a crane.

Save Money And Time For Employee Training

When a crane is on your construction site, your risk of serious and even fatal injury is increased. If your workers are not trained to operate a crane or be around one during its operation, you could end up with someone being hurt badly. However, when you rent a crane, you can take your employees off-site while experienced, trained operators take care of your task.

No Maintenance Also Means No Unexpected, Expensive Repairs

If you are thinking about buying a crane of your own, you might stop to consider the cost of just one extensive repair. If you happen to be using that crane on a construction project that is behind schedule, you could stand to lose a great deal of your profits in your crane's repairs. Consider the amount of down time you and your crew might experience while waiting on a crane to be properly repaired. When you rent a crane, you never have to worry about repairs or how much they might cost. The rental company takes care of repairs and maintenance of its equipment.  

Insurance Does Not Have To Be Another High Overhead Expense

When you own heavy machinery, you will need to carry insurance for their operation. If an operator is injured during the operation of your heavy machinery, your insurance will cover it. The same is true about a crane if you own it. With a rental crane, the company you rent it from is responsible for carrying insurance because it is usually their operators running it. Avoiding the high cost of additional insurance coverage is another way you can save by renting a crane.

How Often Do You Require The Services of A Crane?

If you do not use crane at every job site, you might think about the cost of owning one being wasteful, especially when you consider the maintenance and insurance added into that cost. By renting a crane when you need one, your overhead expense is much less. Learn more about renting a crane for your construction project today and start saving money now.