3 Landscaping Improvements To Consider After Having A Tree Removal Done

Posted on: 16 February 2016

When you have tree removal done, there are a lot of issues that you will have to deal with, such as dealing with waste and renovating your landscaping. It is also likely that there may be small damage in your yard that needs repair. Here are some improvements that you may want to consider when you have a tree removal done for your home:

1. Dealing With Damage Done To Plants In Landscaping

When you have trees removed, it is likely that something is going to fall on other plants in your landscaping. For some of the smaller plants, you may want to replace them with new materials. If there are trees that have had branches damaged, they will need to be pruned to help ensure they grow back healthy. You may also want to consider planting new plants where there was too much shade for them to grow with the old tree.

2. Repurpose Tree Waste For New Features In Your Landscaping

When you have a tree removed from your property, there is a lot of waste that needs to be disposed of. In some cases, a tree service may help dispose of the waste for an extra fee. If you want to save on the disposal of waste, you may want to consider repurposing it for use in your landscaping. The large timbers can be used for landscaping timbers and structures, while the smaller waste can be mulched into ground cover and mulch. This can help to give your yard a new look, as well as save money on the disposal of the tree waste.

3. Get Rid Of Old Trees For Good With The Help Of Stump Grinding Services

When you have trees removed, the waste is not the only thing that is left behind. Often there are unsightly stumps that stick up in your yard like a sore thumb. There are treatments that can be applied to them, which will help them rot more quickly but it still can take several years. There is also a hole left behind when a stump rots away. If you want to completely get rid of the stump, you can use a professional stump grinder to remove the stump.

These are some improvements that you may want to consider for your landscaping when you have tree removal done. If you need the right equipment to renovate your landscaping after having trees cut down, contact a heavy equipment rental service to get wood chippers, stump grinders and tractor equipment to get your yard back in shape. Contact a company, such as Sound Equipment Rentals & Sales, for more information.