Keeping Gravel Or Dirt Contained When Hauling It To A Jobsite

Posted on: 26 May 2016

If you work for a construction company, and you need to make a haul of heavy gravel or soil to a job site, keeping it from spilling out of the back of your vehicle will become very important. Failing to contain these items could lead to an injury to someone on the roadway in addition to damage to vehicles if it is left on the ground. Here are some ways you can keep loose gravel or dirt from falling out of your dump truck during a big haul.

Find The Best Route Before Making The Haul

If you are picking up materials from a quarry or distribution center, knowing what roads you will be using while having a large haul in the back of your truck will be key in keeping it contained. Take the time to plot out different routes you can take with gravel or dirt in tow. Knowing where construction is located, which roads in the area are in need of repair, and which roads are less utilized by traffic will all help you keep the haul intact. If possible, drive the route in a standard vehicle the day before the job to help you get a feel for dips and inclines in the road's surface to help you control your dump truck better when you need to make your haul.

Invest In A Dump Truck Tarp System

Having a heavy-duty tarp to attach to your dump truck will give you the peace of mind in being able to drive without fear of material sliding out of the bed of your truck. These systems can be professional installed to help protect the investment from unnecessary spillage as well as keep it contained so there is no risk of theft. Pulltarps are easy to remove and can be upgraded at another time to a manual or automatic arm system if desired. Arm systems will lift the tarp away from the material in the back of the truck, exposing it for usage when necessary. The tarp can then be placed back over the container at the end of the work day to keep the material safe from elemental damage or contained if it needs to be brought to another area. For more information, contact companies like LoAlbo Enterprises Inc. 

Consider Making Smaller Hauls To Keep Materials Contained

If you are unable to afford a tarp system at the moment, you may want to consider making more frequent hauls with less bulk in each one. If you decrease the amount of material brought on-site, it will be necessary to use more gasoline as well as work time to get the materials where they need to be. This however may be an option if you feel it is risky to haul a large, uncovered load with the vehicle. Talk to your boss about finding out who is responsible for the ordering of these materials so they can alter the inventory needed as necessary.