Add A Refurbished Core To Your Transformer If Winding Problems Are An Issue

Posted on: 13 May 2018

A high-quality transformer helps to provide you with a safe flow of electricity. Unfortunately, these units may suffer from issues from time to time. One of the most common of these is core winding concerns. When they show up, it is important to take care of them as quickly as possible by replacing your core with a refurbished one.

The Core Is The Heart And Soul Of Your Transformer

There are many different parts contained in a transformer and each is an important part of the total operation. However, the core is probably the most important element. It consists of a variety of soft iron sound around the magnetic circuit. This core provides a path for the magnetic field, which creates the electrical flow of the unit.

Typically, these parts of a transformer are built very carefully to ensure that they don't fail. However, slight flaws in the winding process may cause issues that can severely impact how well your transformer core operates. In fact, it might just knock your transformer out of commission without a replacement core.

Winding Failure Can Take Out Your Transformer Core

Winding failures in a transformer occur when the metal wires pulled around its surface are too loose or tight. These winding problems can make it more difficult for the transformer to create a magnetic field. They can even get worse over time and degrade the power of your transformer even more. As a result, it is critical to find a replacement for this part when it begins to fail.

Refurbishing Can Help

If your transformer is malfunctioning and you think that a poorly wound core is to blame, talk to a transformer parts specialist right away. These professionals will find parts that you can use to refurbish the core and get it back on track. These refurbished parts will replace the older and damaged core and help the transformer run more smoothly.

Each part is inspected before it is installed to ensure that it doesn't have any major problems. For example, the poor winding that caused weak transformer operation is less likely to be an issue. Just as importantly, the core is usually insured to make sure that you don't buy have to buy a second replacement if that part is defective.

So if your transformer is acting up and you aren't sure what to do, contact a transformer parts provider. They can also send a diagnostic expert to your site to see if your core is to blame and can help you find a replacement that will get your core running smoothly again. For more information on transformer parts for sale, contact your local heavy equipment service.