Five Mistakes To Avoid When You Rent Heavy Equipment For Your Construction Project

Posted on: 29 November 2018

Renting equipment to complete construction tasks is an important step in getting building projects completed for many contractors. It's important to adopt an efficient and effective regime for renting equipment to maximize productivity and minimize costs.

By avoiding the following five mistakes, you can be sure that your equipment rental periods allow you to finish your projects in a safe and timely manner:

Neglecting necessary maintenance during longer-term rentals

If you'll be renting a piece of equipment for several weeks or months, you may be responsible for maintenance during your rental period. Make sure you're aware of any maintenance tasks you'll be responsible for during your rental term. If you neglect maintenance and your rented equipment becomes damaged, you might be held liable for the repairs.

Failing to explore different options

There are going to be numerous equipment options available from which you can choose. You need to do the research and find the best equipment option for your unique needs to avoid cumbersome frustrations from having an inappropriate equipment type.

You should discuss the application you need equipment for with a representative from the equipment rental company. This way, you can get some expert input on which equipment piece and brand would be most convenient and cost effective for your needs.

Not adequately training staff members regarding safety procedures

Safety is a big consideration you need to put time and effort into if your staff members are going to be using equipment that they may not be used to and may not understand safety procedures for.

Discuss any important safety precautions that are necessary for your work task with the rental company. Also, read over the equipment manual if possible, and make sure that you're well aware of any safety risks that need to be taken into account for safe equipment usage.

Being unaware of transportation details

You're going to need to transport your rental equipment from the rental company's location to your work site. It's important that you don't underestimate the amount of effort that could go into handling transportation needs.

Discuss transportation possibilities before you finalize your rental agreement. It may be possible for your rental company to handle delivery for you. Work delivery out in advance so that you know how much the rental is going to cost in its entirety and can budget properly for the expense.

Starting your rental period too early

If you start your rental period before your work site is ready, you might waste valuable time during your rental with site preparation tasks and other work that doesn't directly require the rented equipment piece.

Make sure you schedule things so that your staff and your work site are entirely ready for the equipment piece when it arrives.