Using Fiberglass to Reinforce Your Concrete

Posted on: 11 November 2019

Concrete is one of the materials that are essential for most modern building projects. In addition to potentially being used in the structure itself, concrete can also be used in the foundation of the structure as well. While concrete is inherently extremely strong, it is possible to reinforce concrete with rebar so that it can be even more durable.

Does Fiberglass Rebar Have Advantages Over Steel?

There is an assumption among many individuals that steel rebar is always the best option for reinforcing concrete. While this has long been the most commonly used material, it has some noticeable disadvantages. For example, it can be possible for the steel to rust, and this can compromise the concrete because the rebar will expand in size as it corrodes. As it expands, the pressure on the concrete will increase until it cracks. In contrast, fiberglass is not susceptible to corrosion. As a result, you will not have to worry about this particular threat impacting your concrete surface.

Are Professional Services Needed for Installing Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete?

While a basic concrete pour will be a task that is easy enough for individuals to do without hiring professionals, this is not the case for reinforced concrete. If the concrete is not reinforced properly, it can be far weaker than you anticipated, and this may pose safety or structural issues for your project. This can be especially tricky when it comes to using fiberglass to reinforce the concrete as the fiberglass will need to be properly mixed into the cement. Due to the challenges that can come with reinforcing concrete as well as the difficulties of correcting mistakes with this work, homeowners should typically avoid attempting to pour their own reinforced concrete.  

Can Drainage Systems Be Installed With Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete?

Drainage is always an important consideration with paved surfaces. Without sufficient drainage, moisture can cause severe damage to a paved surface by seeping into it and contributing to cracks or even eroding the soil from under the pavement. Luckily, fiberglass reinforcing for concrete can support the use of drainage systems. The absence of hard steel rods in the concrete can make it much easier to install a drainage system with your paved surface. This is especially true if the drainage system is added at the same time as the pour is completed as this may allow for the tubes and drains to be positioned before the concrete is poured.