The Two Main Kinds Of Concrete Pumps For Heavy Construction Work

Posted on: 23 July 2020

Concrete pumps are an invaluable resource in the world of heavy construction equipment as they facilitate the transfer of liquid concrete from one location to the next. If you are interested in working with concrete pumps, here are the two main types you should be aware of.

Boom Concrete Pumps

Boom concrete pumps are those that are attached to the back of a truck and place concrete by way of a remote-controlled arm. These concrete pumps are newer than the older line concrete pumps and more useful than them in a variety of contexts. For example, construction projects that require a large amount of concrete, a lot of concrete moved over time, or concrete in high places will be better off with a boom concrete pump. These heavy construction equipment pumps are easy to work with compared to line concrete pumps, and some variants have more than one arm.

You can rent one for about $150-$200 an hour plus a variable rate for the amount pumped, although this price may change depending on how long the location and the company you choose. These pumps are better to work with, save for a few cases, than line pumps because the pump to draw liquid concrete into the arm and the pump to distribute it are on the same truck. This means that one truck can collect liquid and distribute it without any extra supplies, such as extra tubing.

Line Concrete Pumps

Line concrete pumps are those that only collect the concrete and cannot distribute the concrete without first being attached to another pump, arm, or other pipelines. This piece of equipment is better suited for low-volume concrete projects, such as sidewalk repair. However, it is sometimes used for projects where the liquid concrete will need to travel distances longer than a boom truck's arm can manage. In this case, it's connected to a pipeline dug under the surface. This kind of heavy construction equipment is also called a stationary pump because it is usually unable to move without being attached to a vehicle. However, there are some truck-mounted line pumps that are used so that the pump can be easily transported.

There are many differences between the sort of heavy equipment pumps used for concrete work. Boom concrete pumps use an arm attached to the pump to transport concrete with ease, while line pumps require extra piping. The best pipe for your needs will depend on what kind of project you have. To learn more information about heavy construction work, reach out to a company such as Sparepart4Less Corp.