First-Time Buyer Guide: 4 Things to Consider before Purchasing a New Forklift

Posted on: 1 September 2021

Forklifts are major investments that you should not take lightly. Forklifts demand a huge price tag, especially for new purchases. Therefore, you want to ensure that you purchase a quality automobile that will serve you well for many more years to come. The purchasing process might seem straightforward, but it is important to keep a few things at the back of your head before heading into the market. The following are some key things to consider when purchasing a new forklift.

1. Capacity

Forklifts are available in different capacities to suit your needs and preferences. To determine the right capacity for your business, you need to gauge the size and weight of your maximum loads. You also need to factor in any attachments that the forklift needs to drag or lift in your warehouse.

If you have trouble settling on a suitable capacity, you can seek the guidance of a specialist for more details. Remember that the more the capacity, the higher the cost of the forklift.

2. Type of Fuel Used

Your newly acquired forklift will need a source of power to operate. Generally, forklifts use electricity, natural gas, or both, commonly known as diesel-electric hybrid forklifts. All options are suitable, but you need to access their maintenance and powering costs before purchasing.

For instance, electric-powered forklifts are inexpensive and most recommended for indoor purposes. They also run silently. Forklifts powered by diesel offer high-performance levels and are economical when it comes to fuel consumption. You can weigh the pros and cons to determine the best pick.

3. Explore Various Types of Forklifts

There are four main classes of forklifts that you need to learn about before heading to the market. Order pickers are one of the most common. They are designed for consignment picking and can slash down the number of trips required to transport stock to and from the warehouse. Reach trucks pull out stock from high shelves safely.

Turret trucks are operated in between tiny spaces where bigger capacity forklifts cannot maneuver. Lastly, the sit-down trucks are the heavyweight champions, well known for their maximum capacity and weight. They generally handle heavy tasks and loads.

4. Pricing

The cost of a new forklift is comparatively higher than that of a used or preowned forklift. However, despite its high price, you can expect it to serve you for a long time with proper maintenance. Other aspects such as capacity, additional attachments, and ergonomics may influence the price of the forklift. Determine a budget after researching to make sound financial decisions.

When buying a forklift, you need to take the time to explore what the market has to offer. Consider these key factors to ensure you make an informed decision. Also, choose a reliable dealer for a great experience.