Why You Might Want To Look At Hydraulic Cranes When You Need A Rental For Your Next Project

Posted on: 11 April 2022

Are you in need of a short-term crane rental for your next project at a construction site or within your warehouse or industrial property? A traditional crane can, of course, get the job done, but may also be difficult to manage due to its size. Today, many business owners are opting for a hydraulic crane rental due to the benefits it can provide compared with other types of cranes. Here's why you might want to go the hydraulic route for your next project.

Hydraulic Cranes Are Smaller and Easier to Move Than Traditional Cranes

When you bring a large, traditional crane into a worksite, you might need to clear the area, and that could even include temporarily delaying traffic or stopping work elsewhere at your facility as you move to get the crane off of the highway or public road and onto your property, where it will eventually be positioned in the right location for your upcoming job. If you need to move the crane from one end of the property to another at some point, you will again have to take extra safety precautions because of just how large the crane might be, and this could again delay other areas of your business as the crane passes by. 

A hydraulic crane typically has a much smaller footprint and will be able to be put into position without causing as much inconvenience for the rest of your business or nearby traffic when it is first delivered. You can simply get it into position faster and get started on your work.

Hydraulic Cranes Are Ideal for a Tight Workspace Where a Traditional Crane Would Not Fit

Hydraulic cranes are more mobile, nimble, and versatile as just described and for some situations might be the only choice. A traditional crane might be too big to even fit into a tight area on your work site. A hydraulic crane can shrink down into a more mobile form and then extend the arm again when it is back into the right position.

Hydraulic Cranes Pack Power Beyond Their Footprint or Size

Just because a hydraulic crane is typically smaller or more mobile than a traditional crane does not mean it can't pack a punch. Hydraulics use pressure combined with a liquid to generate an incredible amount of force and you'll find that you will be able to lift whatever you need with ease. Talk to your hydraulic crane rental provider about your specific project so you can get the perfect hydraulic crane for the job.