4 Reasons To Use A Pedestal Grinder

Posted on: 28 February 2023

If you want to install a grinder in your shop, then you might be looking at bench-mounted units. However, don't discount pedestal grinders at this stage.

These grinding machines sit on stand-alone pedestal mounts. They have some advantages over bench grinders. What are they?

1. Pedestal Grinders Are More Versatile

Pedestal grinders have fewer size and space restrictions than bench-mounted units. So, these machines are usually more versatile. You can use them on more varied grinding and sharpening jobs.

Pedestals stand in their own space. You don't have to work around bench size and space restrictions. So, you can work on larger tools and pieces of equipment.

It's easier to manipulate larger items and to angle them if you're working on a pedestal with clear space around it. Pedestal grinders also often have higher power capacities than bench-mounted alternatives.

2. Pedestal Grinders Free up Work Space

If you mount a grinder on a workbench, then you lose some working space. When you aren't using it, the grinder still takes up some of your bench.

Pedestal grinders don't affect workbench space. These are stand-alone products. You simply have to find a space in your shop for the pedestal base. You get more room to work safely and efficiently on other jobs if you have lots of clear bench space.

3. Pedestal Grinders Are Portable

Bench grinders stay in one place. While you can remove them and mount them elsewhere, this isn't a quick or easy job. It's not a job you'll want to do too often, if at all.

You can move pedestal grinders around your shop to suit your working needs. All you need is the right amount of space and a suitable outlet. You can bring the grinder to some jobs rather than having to take all your jobs to the grinder.

4. Pedestal Grinders Are Easy to Clean

If you grind on a workbench, then any debris falls onto and around the bench. You won't necessarily find it easy to clean this debris up after using the grinder. It will fall into crevices and small spaces. You'll have to clean around the bench's legs to get the mess off the floor.

Pedestal grinders are easier to clean. Any debris from a grind simply falls down to the floor around the machine. It's easier and faster to clean up this mess at the end of a job.

To find out more about pedestal grinders and to see some examples of suitable machines, contact grinding machinery suppliers.